How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 ICS 4.0.4 [Detailed]

Instructions about rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Android ICS v4.0.4

Note: This tutorial modifies your device and may potentially brick the tab. Proceed at your own risk.

Note: You must have Samsung Kies/Drivers for the Tab Installed (click here for Samsung Kies)

1. Download Clock Work Mod recovery from here

2. Download to root your device from attachment and copy the downloaded file to external sdcard. (Click Here)

3. Download Fix-Recovery to erase from attachment and copy the downloaded file  to external sdcard. (Click Here)

4. Check USB Debugging mode in the Developers Options in the tab settings. Then turn your device off .

5. Boot into Download-Mode (Power+Vol Down) and then confirm by pressing Vol-Up to continue.

6. Start Odin. (I used Odin v3.07) (Click here to download)

7. Choose “GT-P31XX_ClockworkMod-Recovery_X.X.X.X.tar” as PDA which you already downloaded from here.

8. Connect your Tab to your pc. It will install the drivers. Make sure you have Samsung Kies installed.

9. Untick Reset Time and Auto Reboot on the Odin screen. ( See picture below)

(Click on the image to Open in new window)

10. Now press the Start button. Wait for the installation. When it shows PASS, remove the usb cable and hold Vol Up + Power, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 screen shall appear release power button but keep Vol-Up. (If the samsung screen doesn’t appear, switch off the tab by keeping the Power button pressed for long, and then boot the tab by pressing Power + Vol-Up pressed together).


11. When the tab enters into CWM recovery, install first and then


12. Now reboot your tab from the options.

It should be rooted now.

Watch the detailed video here

39 Responses to “How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 ICS 4.0.4 [Detailed]”

  1. Lakh Jhajj says:

    Hi, Thank You for the video but CAN U MAKE VIDEO HOW TO UNROOT Galaxy Tab 2 to stock please. Or at least
    Provide instructions and files needed to do so. I wanna get it back on Samsung Touchwiz with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Stock. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  2. Loren says:

    Hi bro, is the download link up-to-date? it directed me to and it has lots of list of android devices, I found my device but it has 3 columns, ROMs, download recovery, and download touch recovery, which one should I go for? I tried the latter 2, they both gave me .img files.

  3. johnny says:

    it said fail could it be because i cant connect to samsung kies running windows 8 please help

    • admin says:

      yes . i think samsung has not update Kies for windows 8 yet. and without proper drivers you cant root the tab

  4. greatbayu says:

    Can u tell me how to unroot again? Is it posible?

  5. User868name says:

    Why is the clockwork recovery downloading as an .img file? I can not use it in oden.?!?

    • admin says:

      you might have extracted the downloaded file twice. Extract the downloaded file only once

      • arbotinalla says:

        i tried to download it aagain but still i cannot find na GT-P31XX_ClockworkMod-Recovery_X.X.X.X.tar file :( ( can you help me and link it to me where can i download it please

      • TabHeatehr says:

        I download galaxytabclockworkrecovory. but the file is .img . I downloaded it once.

  6. Mr.Freaky says:

    Thank you So MUUUCH! :*

  7. Broken says:

    will this word on samsung galaxy tab2 p3100 4.0.3??

  8. greatbayu says:

    Thanks, work form my GT3100 ics 404 :D

  9. Erin says:

    What do I do if I get a fail instead of pass?

    • admin says:

      then check the process again. Make sure you have checked the USB debugging option in the developers option of the tab

  10. eyek_baton says:

    should i removed my sim card before rooting my tablet?

  11. Ed Nash says:

    Will this work for T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 2 SGH-T779? I have not been able to find anything specific for this, unless the P5100 is the same as the T-Mobile (SGH-T779) Version!

  12. Ben says:

    THANK YOU!!!
    The instructions were a bit confusing, since I’m a noob, but the video really helped!
    My tab is rooted and ready to go :)

  13. eyek_baton says:

    can i repair my tab if i failed to update?
    what will happen if my tab is not pass in odin?

  14. muatassim says:

    hw can i update the ersion of android after rooting

    • admin says:

      You should go to settings > about device > software update > update and update the device over the air. Or you can update using kies on pc

  15. muatassim says:

    what data can be deleted…hw to keep a copy of it on pc

    • admin says:

      No data will be deleted. But its better to backup your data by using titanium backup on your tab or using kies on your pc

  16. eyek_baton says:

    ahmm i have 1 question should i check USB Debugging in my tablet because it is not included in the tutorial?

  17. mustafa says:

    will my data still be in the phone or it well be deleted ??

  18. mustafa says:

    is it gonna still be working ??

  19. mustafa says:

    if i got anything wrong >> what would happen to my phone ??

  20. jonny says:

    must i copy the files into the external sdcard?
    can i just used the internal storage?

  21. Rolando says:

    I follow the steps to root the tablet and it works all the way to the end. It never says andriod is updating. When i run a root checker it says the tablet has not been rooted. Any ideas?

    • admin says:

      Did you check whether you have downloaded the correct ClockWorkMod for your tablet? Please check that and try again. Are you using P3100?

  22. eyek_baton says:

    can i use this method on samsung galaxy tab 2 4.0.4 ICS build IMM76D.P3100XXBLH2

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